Check out that phone number for free. Come on have a look. :)

    Moved from the freebie thread :thumbsup: Thanks Emma :grin:
    Thanks to magoogy on MSE for this :wink:.

    Let's try and explain this:- :roll:
    Have you ever had a mis call and wondered who it was from or how much it would cost to call it? :?:
    Have you ever wondered what Network that mobile number is on? :?:
    Have you wondered how much that premium call would cost or who it was registered to? :?:

    If you answered yes to any of the above then this could be of interest to you. You put the phone number in the search and depending on the number you will get some info on it, such as NTL Landline number or £1.50 P/M number etc etc.

    Go on, try it :wink:……asp


    Thanks for re-posting stevie

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    Thanks for re-posting stevie

    NO probs
    Links do work in this OP :roll: but not on the other boards.

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