Check Your Bank Accounts For SOC SPORTIVE PR

    OK, its been a while since I actually submitted anything but I think it's worth mentioning this as I'm guessing we're (me and the wife) not alone here.

    Abbey Nationals Fraud Department (it just so happens we are with them but this will not be limited to only Abbey customers) have contacted us regarding a transaction made on our account yesterday. It is only for £1.55, but it maybe a tester for something bigger and it could be accross the board of someones transaction database.

    Abbey basically immediately contacted us, so I think it's safe to say it has been red flagged. They called at about 2:30 PM and the transaction was at 12:54 PM. Abbey also used an autodialer to get a hold of us, we actually hung up first few times around because we thought it was a scam even though caller ID showed an 0845 number. But an automated message asking for D.O.B. and password details isn't the way to go in this day and age Abbey! The sensible thing to do here would be to leave a message to go to the website and use the fraud dept's number to be safe Abbey!

    Anyway what I think has happenned, though they never told us this, is somewhere someones database has been hacked and they are taking the £1.55 from everyone on it. So we now haven't got a card for our poor account. Our Bank of Scotland card hasn't been hit for it so at least I know the gambling/gaming websites I use haven't been hit, well Im assuming that.

    I was going to make a list of everywhere we use the Abbey card but it got rediculously long, like 30 places.

    Bottom line is check your statements for this transaction and get a new card if it has been.

    Last week I had a phonecall, ok so what? Lots of people get them everyday. Here is how this one went, condenced version ...

    Phisher: Hello Mr MacDougall?
    Me: Yes.

    Phisher: I am calling you from France, I am not trying to sell you anything.
    Me: Not interested.

    Phisher: No you dont understand sir, you have won £5000 of holiday vouchers.
    Me: lol

    Phisher: Sir what is your favourite holiday destination?
    Me: Dont have one, we go lots of places, look I dont care.

    Phisher: OK sir, I'd just like to confirm some details.
    Me: Your going to ask me for my card number aren't you?

    Phisher: No
    Me: OK, what do you want to know then?

    Phisher: Id just like to confirm your date of birth.
    Me: Uh-huh?

    Phisher: Its is (some date) 1960?
    Me: Maybe.

    I hang up.

    Now whats wrong with this?

    a) My name is not MacDougall.
    b) I wasnt even born in the 60's.

    A week later one of our cards get hit. With a name that looks french. Hmmmmmmmmm.


    Original Poster

    Reserved in case something needs updated.

    Scams are an ongoing thing, if everyone made a post everytime there was a scam payment on their cards the forum could use a new sub section.

    Bottom line is check your accounts regularly, keep pc security up to date, check cash machines before use, never let your card out of your sight when paying even if the cashier appears to simply drop your card and retrieve it is enough to clone its details.

    Oh and never enter your details on a pc you are not 110% sure of, ie internet cafes and libraries, also when using your own pc in a wifi hotspot.

    I had this happen to me a few weeks back. Less than a pound was taken from my account, worked out to $1.

    As Harlzter says, be careful.

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    Im ultra paranoid though, so its unlikely Ive been hit directly.

    For Abbey to have red flagged it so quickly it must have hit a few people.
    I'll edit my original post to reflect something I forgot to mention.

    my friend had this and it also was 1.55 taken from his
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