check your bank statements!

Found 7th Jan 2011
just seen a story on yahoo saying how lots of people have been charged twice for certain transactions due to a technical glitch! unlucky for me this didnt happen ( was hoping it was a mistake that my bank account had hardly anything left lol!) but still someone may be owed money!
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This is one deeeeeaaaaad thread.
LLOYDS say no more.

This is one deeeeeaaaaad thread.

nevermind - thought it might help some people as i know not everyone checks their statements!
they say they have refunded all who were affected but your still advised to check just incase!
This happened to my mum from asda, just gave em a rang and got the money back.
yeah asda will refund after 3 working days coz sometimes it drops back in - happens quite alot actually we get alot of phonecalls saying moneys gone out twice we advise to wait 3 working days and 9 times out of 10 it goes back in itself.
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