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Posted 20th Jan 2017
Do you have any D&G protection plans for your Hotpoint/Whirlpool/Indesit appliance(s)?
Simply enter your Plan No. and postcode to check your SmartCare reward balance! You receive £1 reward for every £1 spent on your Plan. I just checked mine - and have £323 to spend on new appliances.

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What?! I knew nothing about this! oO I will be looking into this! Thanks for info
Very misleading the smartcare points, you cant use the full amount of your rewards to buy things....your allowance can only be used towards 'their' discount off the standard RRP. Basically if a fridge is £500, they say the discount they give you is £200. You can then use your £200 (if you have enough in smartcare awards) towards this....meaning you still need to pay £300!! I was under the impression I could get all my smartcare awards off the lower discounted prices...all the rewards mean is it gives you some money off but you still have to pay the discounted overall price.
I can't seem to put my policy number in to find out how much rewards I have that
Are you entering a zero '0', instead of a capital 'O'?
cant seem to find my plan number
May be the Direct Debit ref no. on your Bank Statement.
Have got Smartcare rewards on my current plan with D & G; BUT I was not aware that I was in this Smartcare rewards programme until I renewed my policy last March, and as I'd a policy with D & G the previous year and under Smartcare loyalty scheme T & C's (read them!!) I reckon I should :-
a) have been told I was on the Smartcare programme then,
and b) vouchers should have been added to the 2015-2016 plan.--so basically I have lost out through Smartcare's
lack of communication.
I have tried 3 times today to ring Smartcare on 0800- 1510907 to clarify & speak to a human being about this BUT having gone through the various options available on the above number, the line has either gone dead or when answered no one speaks although office background noise is heard !!!! Also cannot find email address or any other way of contacting Smartcare to discuss. Great customer service!!!
Signed up to a 12 month repair plan yesterday as my washing machine has gone faulty, they never mentioned the SmartCare Rewards when selling the plan but just noticed it on bottom of my engineer confirmation e-mail. Yes the discount is limited to 50% but good to see the original prices match up thereabouts with the likes of AO/Co-Op/Currys rather than being hugely inflated, plus free delivery & collection of old appliance (which usually adds £15-25 elsewhere).
What a con,iv got over 420 smartcare points, looked at using some of them to buy agood quality new kettle and microwave to discover that my"discount"would be all of £32-40 of a total of £187-76. Con artists if ever i saw one.
I just got an email about my SmartPoints so logged on and for very excited to see a balance of £934..... thought I could upgrade my Hoover and try out the ultimate multi cooker! When I reached the payment section and was asked for my card details I cancelled. Then read the above reviews. Never even knew I had any points so no lose really, Just a shame I have £930 odd and no new Hoover!!
Tried to use some of my Smart Rewards "cash" to buy a new Hotpoint appliance but was VERY disappointed to find that all it does is give me a discount. Until I tried to use it I had believed that the whole purchase price would be deducted, not a miserable 10%.

The information available up to that point was, I feel, misleading.

Also, there is an end date given on my account, does that mean that if the points aren't used by that time they will be cancelled? With about £660 supposedly available I don't want to lose it but, if that is only to be used as discount, its worthless.
I am trying to log into smartcare but every time I enter a plan number I get blocked!!!! What am I doing wrong???

I am trying to log into smartcare but every time I enter a plan number I … I am trying to log into smartcare but every time I enter a plan number I get blocked!!!! What am I doing wrong???

​When I tried this only my current plan number worked.
They don't make anything clear! I think it's a joke! Unless you have money to spend! I've got £317 To spend but unfortunately I don't have the extra cash to buy anything! Plus you only have a year to use them points or lose them.
A good idea in theory but I'm on the lower end of the pay scale so the £744.00 I've got in credits is wasted .. 75% off would have been more help . I'm gutted because I really need a new cooker and fridge freezer
Utter rubbish, site clearly states I have £413.57 to spend but does not say 'ANYWHERE' about not being able to put all of this towards an appliance!! #veryannoying
SO misleading. Have been thinking I'd got enough for a new vacuum cleaner, new iron, new something else but actually that's just used to calculate your discount. Was giddy excited I had £900 to spend and could replace all the stuff that's knackered but it's not clear at all that this is what they use to calculate your discount.
I logged on very pleased to have found a nice amount of rewards and to discover that I can just get a small discount off an appliance disappointed me. I doubt if I will even use the rewards.
GUTTED!!!!! just had a email saying that i had a £60 discount added to my rewards. when i logged in i had £615.80 chuffed so iv spent the last half hour looking at what i could get as i thought i had that amount off something but it turned out its a load of bull and wanted over £300 for a dishwasher. if i wait untill january sales i could get one cheaper im sure. xx

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