Check your gas meters, I've overpaid by £1900 in 2 years!

Posted 16th Dec 2022
Just a heads up to anyone still submitting gas readings the old fashioned way.

For the last 2 years, Octopus have been converting my meter readings from cubic feet to cubic metres, done by multiplying by 2.83. My meter clearly states it is already reading in cubic metres so they should have missed that part of the equation when converting to kWh for billing.

This wasn't something I was aware was even a thing until I had a ridiculous bill come through. After going through my old bills, I have worked out Octopus owe us £1900. After a quick phone call, they agreed and have already credited the account with the amount.

Might be an isolated incident, but it's got to be worth a check!

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    Went to check my meter. Remembered we don't have gas
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    Blimey’ now that is a good find
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    Well done OP, excellent result.
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    49067453-uzX22.jpgthis is mine,tho it's gonna be 250 end of Dec with it being 7 💷 a day
    Same as me, measured in m³ already
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    Wow, very well spotted 👏🏻 (edited)
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    Nice surprise...£1900 is a lot. Great timing for Christmas
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    Wow. Will check mine now.
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    Nice spot mate, hopefully will give you around 3-4 months worth of gas
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    Out of interest - why all the conversions? If meters read in cubic (feet or metres) why not price in same so people can work out their bills more easily? I'm sure there is a sensible reason I'm unaware of
    The reason is because you buy and pay for your energy in Kilowatt Hours Kwh but the meter measures your gas usage in Cubic Metres (or cubic Feet). So the measure of a physical volume of gas needs to be converted into an expression of energy used and that conversion has to be done mathematically. Its a good question, why they do this, its a mystery why you don't just pay for the volume you use in CuM. Probably a good explanation out there somewhere.
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    Wow - good spot!
    We still submit readings so will check the meter (edited)
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    Take the money out at get them to pay interest.
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    Well spotted. Can't imagine for one moment that you're the only customer affected.

    This needs spreading far and wide. Excellent find!!
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    OP - great find. (edited)
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