Checking if a phone line is working?

    I want to check if a phone line is working under the stairs for me to connect my router to it, there is an orange/white & blue/white cable connected to 2 terminals in a junction box, which has been disconnected for many years. I have an extension cable with 4 colours (White, Green, blue & red) that i want to connect & test for a line.
    What colours do i connect to in the box?


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    Pretty sure its only pins 2 and 5 that matter.

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    Great, now i know the line is working from this junction box i would like to connect my router and apple time capsule to it (to improve wireless reception in the house as it is more central to the living area than where is is currently located) but i would also like to keep a wired connection for a desktop in its current location. can i have 2 routers set-up for this?

    Yes, just ensure that one of them has DHCP disabled in the configuration panel and then wire them together.
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