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Posted 30th Nov
The app has a a feature where barcodes needs to be scanned before uploading the receipt.
Question is how does the app know all the barcodes have been scanned. As user it's impossible to identify if the scanned barcode has been successfully.

Anyone experience this and what's your feedback for these cashback coming back 100% successful?
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I dont think you have to use the barcode scan, its optional
Yeah mmm it is coming in and working for me so far

I have been doing this on another app for years with no problem.
Not sure if this helps. But barcodes have a check.. The last number is the check.. ignore this number.
Add up every other number. Times by 3. Add remaining numbers. If answer is 67 then last number is 3. If answer is 66 then last number is 4 as it's rounded up. So you know code was read ok as it never flagged. If it was uploaded, that's an app thing. Who knows.

Those good with numbers can work it out on their head. it's s party trick for some..
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