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Posted 13th Jan 2023
So I recently requested my cashback balance from CheckoutSmart and they have emailed asking that I send them a receipt of my last claim. I have been looking on my phone for it but it looks like I don't have it anymore. It seems like they won't pay out the cashback as the email says this...

Failure to provide this receipt for verification within 5 working days will result in your account being excluded from all future payment runs.

I've emailed them to say I no longer have the receipt because it had been approved already but I have been reading their T&C and it says members have to hold on to their receipts for 60 days which doesn't make sense because once you submit a claim a pop-up says to only keep it for 72 hours!

Any idea what to do? Is there an organisation I can complain to about CheckoutSmart?

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    Its not guaranteed so no. also you have broke the T&C, can try and escalate it. (edited)
    Do you mean because I did not hold on to my receipt for 60 days that I've broken the T&C?
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    Receipts must be submitted within 7 days of the purchase date, and please allow up to 14 days from submitting a receipt for your reward to track into your CheckoutSmart account.
    All original receipts must be retained for 60 days post the receipt date to allow for further receipt verification steps which may include but are not limited to the re-uploading of receipts or sending of receipts via post to a nominated address in the UK at the member’s cost. (edited)
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    "Failure to provide this receipt for verification within 5 working days will result in your account being excluded from all future payment runs"

    really ? the only problem I have had with them is them being ever4 so slightly shirty on a 'glich' on there once
    and the rrp reviews not working on the app fixed now so just back to me being lazy
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    It's a weird and determinedly old fashioned site compared to the competition, with its minimum payment thresholds and these bizarre verification steps (which I've thankfully never encountered). It's like they're stuck in 2010 and refuse to budge.

    This is a sign maybe to abandon them.

    Was your last claim a big one?

    But surely the safest thing to do is to take a photo of every receipt prior to submission anyways and then archive it somewhere (Google Photos will do it for you - are you sure it hasn't?) (edited)
    I agree, the competition is much better in every way and their emails are not threatening.

    The payout is just over £25 so probably why they are being difficult.

    I usually take a photo of the receipt whilst in the app and this doesn't seem to save it automatically in my photos folder. I did manage to find the receipt at the bottom of my rucksack and emailed it to them now.

    Hopefully they don't refuse to payout because I sent an email to say I don't have it first. They seem strict like that.

    I'll update if I've been paid out or not.
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