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    I claimed an offer on checkoutsmart and today the same item is showing, but with a different (higher) cashback rate and longer date range. Does this count as a new offer, so can I claim again?

    Also where it's available at more than one retailer, can you claim once per retailer or just once?


    If it appears in the list of offers, that means you can claim it. If you have claimed an offer the maximum number of times, it disappears from the list.

    Sometimes when an offer ends there will be a new offer for the same product, with a new start date. Level of cashback may be lower, higher or the same. In this case any previous claims are not counted, so you can claim again.

    If an offer states "1 claim", it means once in total, not once per retailer. For an offer that allows multiple claims, you could split them between different retailers.

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    Thank you
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