Cheeky question for everyone....

    Hey all,
    Ive entered my son into a huggies competition and the top 12 babies with the most votes will be in the final. And the winner will be the face of huggies (i think?)

    And well....because obviously :whistling: he is the most beautiful baby there could i get your vote please :oops:

    He is called Lucca and is on the first row here...……e=9
    You just need to click vote no sign up or email needed.

    Thankyou in advance :thumbsup: p.s thats him below…jpg


    Voted for him hun, he is very cute :thumbsup:

    voted for your little man. Good luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks :santa:
    Bit of a chunky monkey eh lol

    Vote from me too:)

    voted too - he is gorgeous




    Never seen such an ugly kid.Voted cold.

    Nah,only joking,he looks a little smasher.
    Entered my vote.:thumbsup:

    Voted - hope you win something!!


    What a cute little chap, but i really do think posts like this make competitions like that worthless, sorry

    Original Poster

    Im not normally one to do something like this but considering there are about 600 pages with 20 babies on each page i think it comes down to who has the most friends and family. And my family wouldnt no which end of a computer to switch on so you lot are my next best thing .......ah i luvs ya that much lol:p

    Voted tara Such gorgeous wee eyes

    Voted. :santa:

    Voted. Good luck :thumbsup:
    Very cute - not as cute as my kids at that age - but still very cute

    Can you vote for my son Corey to pretty please…265

    Voted - only because he is the best looking baby there, of course! :thumbsup:

    voted !

    Will vote for both babies

    voted :thumbsup:

    Voted, he is a cutie pie!

    Original Poster

    aww thanks everyone. The top 12 babies with most votes will get a prize, and will be in a calender for next year. So hopefully be my lil man.


    wanna swop him for a phone ,,,, no ?

    ok ill vote , good luck

    Hi, I had to vote too. Soooooo cute

    Voted, he's soooooo cute! :thumbsup:


    Voted GOOD LUCK X

    I'll never, ever understand how people say babies look cute/beautiful. In my eyes, they are simply very ugly, noisy and messy.


    Can you vote for my son Corey to pretty … Can you vote for my son Corey to pretty please

    Voted :thumbsup:

    voted good luck

    voted mate

    Voted for both!



    voted - ur right, he is the best there!


    we've entered our baby maddie too so if you fancy voting for her feel free & I'll go through this thread tomorrow & vote for anyone who posts a link.

    It seems to be a bit of a voting lottery & with maddie on page 258 I don't see how we have much chance of catching a random passer by!

    Anyway may as well make sure it's a hotuker that wins eh

    Shes called Madelaine Worton & is on the top row here :-…258

    Cheers all & good luck,

    P.S. Yeah I finally worked out how to get the image to work! I'll stop constantly editing this now, I'm sure it's really annoying people! Sry.
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