Cheep Car Insurance??

    Hi, does anyone know any cheap places to get car insurance from, need it for a new driver, just passed a few weeks ago.

    Now iv got a car but car insurance is on the £1.5K + area.
    Im looking for basic 3rd party insurance, and to be on my mums policy.
    Nothing special, just the cheapist and minuim i need.

    Btw she has 10+ years no claims etc

    Any sugestions?


    I would do a search with and then if possible go through quidco to get money back, but be warned quidco take ages to get the money back with such a large amount. Otherwise get the best deal from and then go and visit the actual companies website and see if they have any deals, do not buy through as you might get it cheaper on the actual website

    or try money supermarket

    I am a relatively young driver (female) and found Diamond to be the cheapest. were the cheapest for hubby.


    Go on one of the search engines like Go Compare, confused etc...
    Make a note of the cheapest 10 prices.
    Then go into and see how much cashback you can get back if you take one of them out.

    I work for a broker and generally find Quinn direct to offer great deals on young drivers.
    We can never usually touch their prices even when we deal with over 40 different companies.

    I was shopping for insurance awhile ago, i foudn money supermarket and confused to be rubbish.
    Elephant gave me a quote of £1888.
    Adrian flux was the best at £1028

    We found Tesco cheap as long as mum is main driver, you additional.

    My daughter is with Swinton - has not passed yet but she has a Vauxhall corsa 2002 1200 cc and she pays £1000 fully comp and its in her name so she is earning ncb

    try mse they tell you where to look and which order to go on the sites and remember quidco

    Best to start afresh build up them no claims.
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