Cheep & Cheerful MP3 Player

    I'm looking for an mp3 player. It's got to physically small and lightweight with a minimum 512mb memory. sd card slot, backlit screen, id3 tag recognition would all be bonuses..... but it's got to be around £10.
    or alternatevly an ipod shuffle for around £20. have the old ones dropped in price since the release of the new models?



    You aint gonna get a 512MB for £10. No matter how "cheep & cheerful".

    Sorry - you are just looking for way too much for your budget. iPod shuffle for £20? If you find one at that price it will be a mis-price like the £19 one at the link.

    It will be near impossible to find a 512MB MP3 player for £10...I mean one that wont fall apart after touching it.

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    fleabay it is then....
    thanks anyway!

    For £20 that looks nice... Flash-based MP3 with photo-viewer - not bad. Headphones look cheap and nasty but those are easy to replace with a decent £5 set off eBay.
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