cheer me up guys i have just been made redundant

    just been called into the office with another colleague and we have been told we are being made redundant, half expected it really as business not that good but still gutting. what a bummer, its not even sunny so i cannot lie in the garden but at least i can speand quality time with the little one.


    ahh, sorry to hear, let's hope you find another job soon that you enjoy more & get better pay from :thumbsup: good that you can spend time with the little one tho...

    ITs a bummer but look forward and think bigger and better things. Had you been there long?

    Sorry to hear that, had to go through the process 2 years ago, we all had to re-apply for our jobs, luckily i was ok, but others wern't.... all the best .. :-)

    At least you get to watch Euro 2008 in peace !!! Na sorry to hear that been there not much fun but something will come up ;-)

    Hope they gave you a good payoff matey. What line of work are you in?

    If It Makes You Feel Better Its Sunny As Ulike Hear And Im Stuck In Work, It Could Be Worse You Could Have Cancer Or Have To Have A Nad Lopped Off. The Glass Should Always Be Half Full And Not Half Empty, You Never No This Could Be An Oppertunity To Get The Job Of Your Dreams Or Even Get It On With The Sexy Divorcie Next Door Lol

    Everything happens for a reason - onwards and upwards.
    Good luck

    The glass is neither half full nor half empty- just twice as big as it needs to be!
    Good luck - always works out for the best eventually!

    Awwww........... so sorry to hear that, hope things work out for you :friends:

    Sorry to hear this ... I've been made redundant twice before so have a good idea of how you're feeling .... it will be great for you spending more time with your little one, have fun! so at least you have a bonus there ... & good luck finding another job

    Original Poster

    i work in recruitment as a consultant, i had only been here a year as i got made redundant last year (but i wanted to be made redundant from that other job as i hated the industry) - i am quite ok about it at the moment but when i wake tomorrow and realise i ent got a job thats when it will hit me lol

    Hi sorry to hear about you redundancy happend to me a few years ago so know how you may feel I went to pub and got wrecked not a solution but it was fun spent next few months doing stuf f in house etc and had a good summer holiday. then got a completely different job which I love so as others have said onwards and upwards your next job will be bigger and better I am sure:-(:):)

    So has Sven......

    i loved it when i got made redundant but i wanted to leave anyway, and got a good payoff i was there 13 years.
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