cheesed off with dongle of ebay grrr

i bought a wireless dongle off ebay for my pc and the bleedin thing came today with no instalation cd as described in the work up !
iv emailed the seller no reply grrr
and no source on the box to even download of the net grrrr

im right peeved and need a drink!!!!!!!!!!!!




any name or branding on it?


any name or branding on it?

also what os are you using ie xp or vista or something else?

will your pc not auto pick it up?

Original Poster

im on xp ... and nope my pc wont find the bleedin thing !! just keeps saying ... "insert the cd" ... but there isnt one !

branding NOTHING!!! grrrrr just "bluetooth" no nothing on the box! or i would try and find the file online and download it

ok i better go have a drink and a fag before i blow up lol .... arghhh

Whats the eBay item number?


ok i better go have a drink and a fag before i blow up lol .... arghhh

If you do do that - put it on youtube please and be creative with it.

(The blowing up, not the drink and fag)

If you search for blue soleil that should work with the dongle. I think there is a free version anyway

Oh dear... yer cheesed off wif ya dongle:w00t:poor you :whistling:

its a bluetooth dongle? oh. i thought it was a wireless dongle.

Bluetooth drivers can be downloaded here ]http//ww…l6x
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