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Chemical tasting and smelling bread from morrisons

Posted 7th Jul 2008
if u shop in morrisons, then ull know the bread thats always on special offer at two for 1.20, seems nice bread at first but lately after a day and half it gives of this really potent chemical smell, i thought i was imagining it the first time so made my fiancee's sandwiches as normal but he said that he ate one cos he was so hungry but tasted like chemicals, he thought it was the cheese or the onion, but made him chesse toasty with fresh loaf of bread and different chesse on saturday and he said it tasted it again, i didnt smell it this time but this morning i opened the bread again and the smell hit me. its definatley giving off some fumes.

anyone else had this problem??? maybe its a bad batch, i bought both loaves together but one i froze and one we ate immediatley.
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