Chep but decent drum cymbals

    Does any one know where i could get some cheap, decent, drum cymbals?


    Cheap and decent tend not to mix terribly well in the retail market. They do on Gumtree, though, so make your way to your local Gumtree site, and although ou miht have to wait a while for something good to come up, somethng will, eventually.

    Paiste Cymbals are usually cheapish...

    well tbh, i have several expensive cymbals, but soem of my favourites are

    Paiste PST5 series, great fersh sound
    They are fairly cheap!


    It's a bad idea m8.
    Cheap cymbals will clash with everything ........

    Original Poster

    Cheerz for all the help

    mate for me it depends on what kind of music your playing

    for me in a metal band i used to crack cymbals alot so i wanted a good cymbal that would last sound good and didnt cost me the earth

    i found the SABIAN B8's where the best for me ....can pick them up cheap and its worth looking on ebay as well

    good luck tho mate sure you'll find somthing you like and in your price range soon
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