Chepeast 1gb xd memory card for my digi camera

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Found 4th Nov 2005
I would like to get a 1gb xd memory card for my digital camera and was wodnering what was the cheapest including vat and delievery i am going travelling for a year in dec so i need a bigger card to store more photos

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I'm still looking around for you, but have you considered using a number of smaller capaacity cards and sending them home as they fill up. It also means that if you lose or damage a card you don't lose everything at once. I use the same principle with my pen drives. Happy travelling.

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Yeah i could get one or two 512mb ones if they are pretty cheap too


they have 1gb xd
i think they might be in clearance section
but do a search
£58for olympus
£60 for fuji

I'd consider getting multiple cards. When I travel that's what I do and it's paid off as I've had my camera stolen but luckily I had other cards with pictures on them. If I had one giant card in the camera I would have lost them all. Something to consider.

Where are you planning on going for a year?

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I just bought a 512mb from ebay for £28 i am going to australia for 6 months starting in perth then head to melbourne to cairns travel down the coast to sydney then over to new zealand then fiji to singapore and travelling up through thailand and ending my trip in bangkok which should be fun

If your digital camera is Sony then you can get a SD card from neodiscs.com (SanDisk)- faster than Sony SD card.
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