Cher Lloyd Vs. Rebecca Black

Found 16th Jun 2011
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out of 10 i'd give them 1
this thread should be posted on a FRIDAY surely?
That Cher Lloyd bint sounds all wonky when she sings. Has she got some sort of voice-disorder? Fair play to her if she have, there should be more disableds making songs.
apparently she has removed all her vids coz she wants to charge $2.99 for it

wowzers, your right cow

dont take it as 100% though its just what i heard on a you tube vid about it
Have you seen Rebecca Black in Katy Perry's new music vid?…k4A
God I hate Katy Perry - Her and Black deserve each other. Together they possess about as much talent as my pinky. (the only finger I do not seem to be double jointed in may I add)

whos worse :\

People are TRYING TO RUIN CHER!!!!

People are TRYING TO RUIN CHER!!!!

People dont have to try ruining Cher......She is doing a good enough job of it herself!!!!
Useless tallentless bint!
2 for £20 at Bovingdon Market for that tracksuit. She should be a poster girl for all skanks.
Cher when shes older....

out of 10 i'd give them 1

and HMPS will give you 1
Joey Bloggsy

and HMPS will give you 1

Just because you like plasticine sex...perv.
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