Chernigvske Ukrainian Beer 10 x 440 ml cans for £10 ( £10.56 in Wales) with all profits to Ukraine relief @ Asda

Posted 29th Apr 2022
I posted this a few days ago from Amazon £21.98 for 20 x 440 ml cans and have now seen it in Asda even cheaper. So as stated before you get the beer, Ukraine relief get the profits. Win, win !
It's not a bad drop either

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    Which store was this in OP?
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    Inbev, 4.8% UK brewed, was either 9.99 or 10.99 in Morrison's too.
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    gnat, cat, bat or rat

    take your pick! 😜
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    £9.99 at Aldi

    Why is this posted as a discussion? Please discuss (edited)
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