Cherry Blossom store playhouse/dream town, does anyone know where I can gte it cheaper or a discount code for Toys R Us?

Found 30th Sep 2008
The RRP for this is £59.99 and no one does it any cheaper, well not that I can find anyway.
Has anyone seen it cheaper elsewhere or if not are there any discount codes for toys r us, woolworths or other toy places?




dont know if you want to go on internet or in store but if you plan going in store then check ebay for cheap/discounted gift vouchers!

or sometimes you can get a toys r us mag that has vouchers on the back !

I know Costco have it cheaper i seen it myself in there last Sunday. Handy if you have a card.

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Thanks very much for the info.
I'll try them!

Re the Cherry Blossom,
Try ELC, there is a 20% off code on this site too.
Should make it about £48.
Good luck
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