Chessfinity - A New Twist on Chess (Free on Android/iOS)

Posted 30th Jul 2019
ChessFinity is a totally new spin on chess. While adapting the rules from the most famous strategy game of all times, ChessFinity adds the thrill of an endless runner. We’ve taken the traditional chessboard and transformed it into a never-ending road to victory. You control one piece from the roster at a time, but you can always swap - from knight to king, from bishop to rook, whatever the situation requires. Try to survive as long as you can and score as many points as possible.

To advance further along the endless road, you have to take all pieces that are sent your way – every piece taken will give you more time and a queen is worth more than a pawn. Analyze your options quickly and then consider those of your opponent – just like chess. But the clock keeps ticking, you have to react fast to keep moving and to beat the high score – as you are competing with players all over the world for the top rank.…_GB
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The only advert i've seen on this is a splash screen at the start that features other games from, I assume, the same company.

The iAP's aren't really necessary to make progress in this either - it can be played freely and as often as you like without needing to spend any money at all.
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