chest freezer to go in garage

    im looking fro a reasonably priced chest freezer to go in my garage, i realise that some of the freezers cant be stored below a certain temperature though.
    anyone suggest anything?


    the store iceland sold us our freezer .They had one or two that were designed to be kept outside. it was a few years ago but I do remember that the price was competitive and delivery free. Hey maybe they could deliver it full! lol

    comet have decent price ones £109 before codes- also check asda

    had mine in shed for years no probs -

    Might sound daft, but you would be amazed at what people chuck down the tip! Well worth having a look. You find that most people chuck there old one's away because they don't look modern, but thats not a problem in your garage.

    Or go on ebay.

    John Lewis havea selection of their own brand ones that are suitable for a garage situation. They also come with a 3 year guarentee.

    try coop they have some at good prices
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