Chester in July

    My son is turning 8 in July and for his birthday he has asked if i will take him to Chester (we live in Wirral so only 40 min train away). He loves the Roman and obviously Chester is famous for it, but bar the wall and some old ruins what else is there for him to see . I have looked up the walks that you can go on but none seem to be on Saturdays. Any ideas welcome.


    Doesn't chester have a zoo?

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    We go the zoo all the time, he doesnt want to do that its Romans he wants and history. Thank you though

    chester has a blooming big zoo ha ha

    theres a train in the park, open top busses, urrrrr give me 5 to think lol

    they have boat trips on the river dee:thumbsup:


    If it's The Romans your boy loves then have a look : -


    And can I suggest York at some point. Loads of Roman stuff there.

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    Thank you i didnt think of a boat trip, he would love that and i want to make his day special as he has 2 younger brothers and often gets left out but never complains.
    That 360 Chester site looks great , thank you i will show him that one and let him decide.

    My kids used to have fun doing the brass rubbing opposite the amphitheatre.
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