Found 19th Dec 2008
Can anyone help??? I am thinking of buying a Chevrolet Matiz - 07 reg. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea and I may get slated for buying one but my question was simply about the price of parts. Are they more expensive than, say, a Peugeot? My hubby says "yes" but I like to disagree!!

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what 'parts' are you expecting to need to buy for a 2007 car? I'd imagine they're pretty cheap TBH, they used to be Daewoo's

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Well, I know thnigs should be OK for a while but I'll have to keep hold of it for about 5 years - credit crunch and all that!

ah, gotcha...

I believe they're one of the cheapest new cars you can get in terms of buying, taxing, insuring and MPG so I can't see the parts being very expensive. Give the dealer a call and ask how much a major service is, then do the same for the Peugeot and see what they come back with. I'm guessing you're looking at that tiny Pug which is the same as the Citreon C1 and the Toyota?

Good value little cars, with the advantage of having 5 doors.:thumbsup:

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It's a 5 door love machine!! About the same size as the C1. I only have 3 kids and 2 great danes - will it be big enough!?

You just about get two childre in back seat and they are small cars!! Very good on petrol and cheap to maintain!! :thumbsup:

Stop knocking this car lol.
800cc 96mph on motorway what more do you want? see the heads turn as you pass lol.
You get 4 adults it no probs with knee room.
Big draw back was the boot. the big shop doesn't fit in.
I was always been nagged at for using it like a go-kart but it was fun to drive.


Stop knocking this car lol..

Nobody was " knocking " it.
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