Found 12th Feb 2008
Does anyone know any sites where I can buy chewing gum cheaply? (Preferably Wrigley's).


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poundland do "extra" (amongst others) in packs of 5 for £1. sometimes they also have 100% free or 40% free packs, again still at £1

If your wanting to buy in bulk don't chew in bulk,sometimes can have laxative effects,as I once found out with Sula sweets when I was about 13 or so.I didn't know cos noone told me and I didn't read the pack lol.

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Any internet sites, though?


I bought some Wrigley's Big Red (Cinamon) chewing gum on eBay last year.

It came out in the UK in 1996 but only lasted a couple of years before it was discontinued but I really liked it. It's still going strong in the USA and other countries around the world (mine originated from Poland).

I bought 5 packs and they worked out at about 30p each so more or less the same price as UK shops but for me it was more so the fact that I couldn't buy them in this country.
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