chewing gum!!

    Do you like it or do you hate it?......
    and why??:)


    I have this reoccuring bad dream about chewing gum where It's stuck to my teeth and i keep pulling it out in big handfulls and I can taste that taste of when you've been chewing it too long and its hard with no flavour... Needless to say ive not had any chewing gum in a long time!

    I don't like it, just not into the texture of it or the fact the taste dies away really quickly, plus I'm not a huge fan of minty flavours. Also hate when people don't dispose it correctly.

    The world would be a better place without chewing gum lol

    i like it cos it keeps me breath smelling nice and apparently its good for my teeth. Also, I've got TMJ so it helps excercise the jaws too
    Oh and yeh I commute on a train packed of people ... if there was no gum, there would be some weird smells floating around. eww

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    I think it's really good in Singapore because they band chewing gum there, so all the streets were clean!:thumbsup:

    We don't have to much problem with Gum in my area, however have you ever noticed it around Alton Towers, that is somewhere that needs to ban it!

    it makes me wanna gag :-(

    dont see the point in it tbh, and it makes a mess, esp in schools, alot of them ban it
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