Chicco Next2Me dilemma - our bed is too high

Posted 26th Jun 2020Edited by:"squiff"
Hi all,

Our baby is due home from hospital on Monday. We bought the Chicco Next2Me for her to sleep in until she is big/old enough to go in her own cot in her nursery.

On the tallest setting for the crib (position 6 IIRC), our mattress is higher than the base of the crib which obviously presents a suffocation risk if the crib is to be used with the side down as intended by Chicco. The height difference is about 1 inch (maybe a fraction more). Alternatively we could have the side up and have the crib a couple of inches away from our bed but we wouldn't be able to see baby without sitting up in bed, constantly through the night, and defeats the object really. Hard enough to get into and out of bed when a crib is there!

What should we do please?
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