Anyone know a tasty way to cook this for chicken dinner?


    Cut the chicken into strips and put it in an over proof dish with double cream and a couple of spoonfuls of mango chutney and you could even dice up some peaches and put it in and then do it in the oven for about 40 mins. Have it with rice - delicious!

    KFC drive-thru:thumbsup:

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    Its a whole chicken to serve with veg thanks

    put an onion in it chuff , rub butter under the skin , nice and juciey :thumbsup:

    or rub with olive oil and paprika before going in the oven


    Its a whole chicken to serve with veg thanks

    pop it into the "order here microphone booth" and pick up at window 2:thumbsup:

    Engagement chicken, yum.

    What flavour?

    I always cook my chickens upside down as all the juices run into the breast and makes it so much tastier

    Oh u have got me hungry now!!

    enjoy ur dinner

    Leila70 that suggestion sounds lovely!

    i usually shove half an onion and half a lemon inside it and a bit of butter under the skin

    Mix honey and crushed pineapple for a tasty baste, shove the rest of the pineapple up its jacksy for extra taste as the juices steam and get absorbed into the tasty juicy breast meat from underneath too.

    Butter and gralic cloves under the skin, squeeze a lemon over it then shove the squashed lemon up its kacksy. Salt and pepper over the skin. Bootiful.

    If i do chicken and veg but not a roast i normally.....

    mix some butter with herb( what have i have in) and a little all seasoning. i then put this under the check skin and push it all the way down not loads but a fair bit.

    I roughly chop my veg and wash then pu them on the baking tin drizzle some olive oil over them. also i notmally sprinkle some herbs over them.

    I them put the chicken on top of them and rub salt and pepper in to the chicken and then a little more oliver oil.

    the i p*ick the chicken and sqeeze some lemon over ........

    I think its a jaimie olover or nigella recipe i love it


    u what the chidken

    Pmsl omg how embarassing i should say Pr...ick

    im starvin now!!!


    u what the chidken

    Whats a chidkin ?

    Found the recipe you like yet?
    Bearing in mind time is getting short a recipe to cook a whole chicken without waiting for the roasting process is this Italian recipe, I do it all the time after work, goes down a treat!:
    -Heat oven 180C and grab a roasting tin
    -Chop the chicken into bits - (normally I split by the two legs, two wings, then I cut it down the back bone and then across so you get four extra bits)
    -Cut up your veg (veg can be anything hard like peppers, courguettes, carrots, etc) and potatoes (potatoes in quarters if large)
    -put the chicken, veg and potatoes all together in the roasting tin
    -add 1 pint of chicken stock and pour over everything
    -to season, you can choose - sometimes I put in lemon for flavour, salt, pepper, herbs, bit of paprika, whatever takes your fancy
    -cover with foil and bake in oven it should take about 30-40minutes.
    - Serve preferably in bowls (depending how much juice you have) with plenty of crusty bread ....


    :w00t: it's like a carry on film in here :-D

    ohhhh matron!:thumbsup:
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