Chicken defrost question

    I put chicken breast in fridge last night to defrost to eat tonight. Havent eaten it tonight, will it be okay to eat tomorrow? New to cooking so sorry for basic question


    As long as it's still kept in the fridge it will be fine.

    Will be fine if it's kept refrigerated.
    I freeze 5kg at a time, and it'll keep decent for a couple days

    Depending on the 'use by date' at the time of freezing.

    Don't see why not - always a good idea to smell it and trust your instinctual reaction! And cook it thoroughly of course.

    If you're worried cook it tonight then chill it and use it tomorrow.
    You can cook and freeze cooked food - handy if power goes off and food defrosts. You cook all you can, let it cool. portion it, label it and freeze it.

    many years ago when i had just moved in with my gf (now wife) i got up one sunday morning to find a half frozen chicken in front of our gas fire! i asked my gf what was happening and she innocently replied "i forgot to get it out the freezer last night"
    needless to say we had McDonald's that day

    It will be fine, treat it as fresh from once it's defrosted. It will smell if it's off. As above you can also cook it and eat it tomorrow or even freeze it again after it's been cooked.

    I always submerge chicken in water to leave to defrost in the fridge, it keeps it a bit longer.
    Dont worry about use by dates too much either, as long as its in the fridge it will last for days if not weeks depending on the item past its use by date and will last months past its date in the freezer.

    After you cook it give some to the cat. If the cat eats it you know it's OK.
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    I always use the 3 day rule.

    uncooked chicken I do not use after 24 hours of defrost however if u marinate it it's good for extra 2 days
    again if u cook after 2 days it's again good for another 2 days

    Will be absolutely fine!!

    It will be fine. Just smell it before you cook it. You will KNOW if it's off.

    I've eaten defrosted chicken days later, just make sure it's well cooked and as others say you'll know if it's off by the smell. Use by dates are extreme to be on the safe side. You hear these stories about the packaging being changed on foods to falsely extend the shelf life anyway so it's still a guide, best to use your nose or the dogs.
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