chickenpox - calamine lotion or witch hazel

Posted 10th Apr 2011
my daughter has chickenpox , for my boys i put calamine lotion on , but someone suggest witch hazel to me yesterday because it dries the spots quicker

has anyone ever tried witch hazel ?
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Calamine will aid the healing process and prevent scarring due to the zinc content, witch hazel is more of an astringent so although will dry the spots it may take longer for the spots to heal as it doesn't contain enough of the natural ingredient in store bought forms.
thanks , calamine it is

i'm hoping some fresh sea air will do her good aswell , going on holiday tomorrow
Used calamine on my older 2,it's pretty cheap to buy too.
we got e45 ccream with calamine in it found this much easier to apply to the pot works just like moisturiser in a tub. lots less mess but same results. hope little one is better soon.
When my son had chicken pox we first put calamine lotion on , then a friend ( nurse ) told us it can make them itch more as it tightens the skin and to use bicarbonated soda in the bath ( a couple of spoons ) we did this and as it was summer we put some in his paddling pool and they healed a treat and no itching / scarring either .
Calamine is much better. The NHS website has really good advice on this.
We used Eurax lotion.....stopped them itching and from drying son was hospitalised as he had them EVERYWHERE and couldn't wee it was so sore. He doesn't have any scarring and considering the amount he had I thought he'd have scars everywhere.

Piriton is also good for stopping itchy pox spots....used that as well
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