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Found 17th Jul 2008
Hello, I'm looking for a cheap child seat to attach to the back of a bike. I'm not sure how much it will get used so don't want to spend too much!

The cheapest I've found is the raleigh one at £21.99 from argos-item 333/3932

If anyone knows of a better deal then I'd be very grateful (and obviously give some rep)

Thank you

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I know you state you want one for the back of the bike but have you looked at the Wee-rides? We've got one and since we bought it our friends and family did the same as they're fab. They sit in front of you so you can talk to them while your cycling and they don't affect the balance either. Also, if they get a bit tired there's a little padded platform in front that they can rest their head on and go to sleep. I can totally recommend them and whilst brand new they are around £65, we got ours off ebay (as did everyone else we know) second hand for around £30, friend got hers for around £25 and you can always resell it on ebay when you've finished and get your money back whereas other bike seats don't seem to go for quite as much.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks Annie - I hadn't really considered a front seat but have just read a bit and they sound really good. Not that many on ebay at the moment though!

This link may help you decide what is right for you.


£20 from Tesco.....clubcard points too :-)


Same price on Amazon Marketplace too
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