Child Bike Seat for Carrera Crossfire 1

Found 7th Apr 2013
Annoyingly I bought a Carrera Crossfire 1 bike whilst pregnant in August 2011 on the understanding it would fit a child bike seat. Now my daughter is 10 months old, I bought a Hamax Kiss child seat to find that it doesn't fit my bike and we've been told by Halfords that none of them will as my bike only has a 16" frame!

Does anyone know if this is definitely the case. I'm so annoyed that I was given rubbish information as I would never have bought the bike!
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I've never heard of there being a minimum size for child seats, but looking into it, the only seats I can find which specifically mention a minimum frame size are the front seat versions.

Like this

And they have a minimum frame size of 16"...

Most others I've seen on line make no mention of minimum frame size?

There are 3 main ways of fixing a back set to a bike (on to a rack, to the seat post or to the tube the seat post goes into on your frame) and I can't work out why a smaller frame would absolutely mean nothing will fit? There is the potential that it might ride a little high, but most seats have ways of adjusting that?

Anyway they answer is to forget Halfords and take it down to your local bike shop. These are normally run and staffed by enthusiasts rather than saturday staff and will be able to give a definative answer!
Why doesn't the seat you have fit your bike?

Hamax sell a variety of adapters and mounts that should allow fitment to almost anything..
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