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Found 19th Sep 2008
Hi everyone, specially moms and dads who send their children over to Nursery's or have Nannies.

My son has recently started Nursery and I was advised by one of my family friends that it would be beneficial for us if we (either myself or my wife) could get our employers to get child care vouchers. (the family friend just advised and did not have any more info!)

I have managed to speak my employers and they are ready to help me with the child care vouchers. Now, I work nearly 45-48 hours per week and my wife does 24 hours per week. and our son goes to the Nursery 3 days a week (the days my wife is working). We do not receive any benefits at all.

TBH I have gone through quite a few websites, but I have not been able to find out sufficient information whether I should go for it or not.

I thought that I should open this up for discussion, or if there is anyone who clearly understands this (child care vouchers) well can explain it to me, if and how I will be saving any money using them or refusing them.

Thanks in advance
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This is the scheme my employers use.

Yes we have used them Salary sacrifice

Both employee and employer benefit, you don't paytax I think it is and they don't pay NI, I think we saved about £60 a month by using it
yes you should defo use them, you basically pay for your childcare vouchers before tax so saving you about %20-%25 currently I get £240 a month & my GF gets the other £80.

ours is called virtual vouchers by kids unlimited and my GF's are busy bees but they all operate in pretty much the same way - ask at your nursey or HR department if you need more info. It's very common.


edit - does your company already do them?
Try ]here

Order the booklet and hand to your employers and they can decide which scheme if any suits them
hi there,
there are many schemes including busy bees and the MOD who do military and civilian schemes....
Basically you can sacrifice part of your salary which will be given to you in vouchers to pay towards your childcare, you can claim a maximum of £243 per employee per month, so your wife could claim from her employer too if your childcare costs are more than £243 per month so you can top up the difference.
Then you will receive these in paper form which you pay directly to your nursery or E vouchers which you pay via online banking .
This amount will be taken from your salary payment PRIOR to being taxed so the nursery payment then becomes tax free saving you £XXX PER YEAR, It is very simple you can check out the link below for more info and even print off the appropriate forms for the nursery and the Employer.

Good Luck…spx
thank you everyone for such a quick response. I will ask me mrs to apply for them as well.

thanks once again.
Hi drmsa,
Try this for more info.…pdf
The thing to remember is that this is not an addition to your salary but a part of it that is not taxed.
You have to sign a "Salary Sacrifice" agreement with your employer to benefit from the tax advantage this gives you. The downside being that it may affect your "working tax credit" when claiming for other stuff.

Hope this helps.
Ooo thanx everyone, i have been confused about these for a while and now understand.
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