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    We are looking to take the kids to a festival this summer, has anyone been to any that are child friendly? My boys are 7 & 4 and have been camping before and enjoyed it so we thought we go the next step. We are in the North West so don't really want to be traveling to far.



    It might be a bit far for you, but we always had a great time taking our daughter to the Cambridge Folk Festival when she was younger. The first time we went she was three, and we went back each year until she was eight. It's a smaller festival and the campsite always had lots of kids activities. People were very nice and there were lots of young families. Although I haven't been with kids, I would also recommend The Green Man festival in Wales. That one is very family-friendly too.

    I was going to suggest Green Man and Latitude for kid friendly places until I saw that needs to be near the North West. Bluedot festival was supposedly good last year but this year it is not in the school holidays. Sorry, not very helpful really. Kendal Calling is up there and has a kids area but it was pretty much carnage on the Thursday in 2015 and quite **** teenagers in the camp sites generally that personally i wouldn't want to take kids there.

    Car fest north. They hold back some tickets for those who were on a pre Christmas budget.

    I have worked at dozens of festivals all over the country and they all have family orientated areas.
    however once you are there you are in the hands of the weather, lack of facilities, massive queues for food and your neighbours.
    I reccomend, especially for the 4 year old, a trip to LIMF in Liverpool, a 3 day small festival, no camping, but accommodation locally and campsites not a million miles away.
    if they enjoy it then take them to the V festival at Telford. they really know how to look after people.

    LIMF is free by the way

    Deer Shed?

    A bit far, but the best family festival anywhere, I think, is Belladrum's Tartan Heart Festival, near Inverness.
    3rd to 6th August this year. Great music, activities for kids, loads to do, lovely setting, family campsite, not too big, ceilidh on the first night etc. Highly recommended.

    I second KC. Went in 2015 and saw nothing but a family friendly site. So much so we're taking our 18 month old this year!!

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    I think we've agreed on Green Man, nice drive down to Wales, we like the look of Kendal Calling but it starts while they are still in school. Thanks for all the comments

    Green Man is a great choice for kids....there's bloody hundreds of them there!
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