Child protection software for children?

    Can anyone recommend some good software to stop children going to the dodgy bits of the interweb?
    I've got my son a laptop for his 14th B'day on tuesday & it'll probably end up in his bedroom so it'll be harder to keep an eye on him. I don't know how these programmes work so any advice would be gratefully received.


    Just set up parental controls on the lappy with you as Admin

    Best protection is you xxx

    Teach them the rules of the web:-

    No personal info, no real names, no phone numbers, the creation of a fake ID. Use all this with anyone they don't know in real time xx

    Separate accounts for people they do know and peeps they dont. It's a good time for " the talk" about stranger danger too xx

    I think if they're old enough to use the web unsupervised by you then they're old enough to do so responsibly xx

    At 14 I knew what to do and what not to do on the internet and had my own laptop with no inteference from my parents. Never got me in any trouble! Just tell him the "rules" yourself.

    Does your ISP have tools you can use?

    At 14 he'll probably know how to get rid of, or get around, any parental controls you set up that laptop is going to end up with more po®n on it than John Leslie's home video camera. :geek:

    Safe Eyes.


    Windows 7 has it built in.

    So does Vista


    But why would anyone want to use Vista!

    Obviously, but contrary to belief M$ did shift a few copies here and there and those upstanding stores like PC World and Currys are still shifting machines with Vista on it.
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