child seats on the back of bikes

    I'm trying to get my husband into cycling and have bought a seat for the back of his bike for my little boy, does anyone here use one of these and if so is it a lot harder to ride with the child on the back as it is normally? thanks



    Harder to get going and getting them on is awkward but once moving you barely notice physically. It's the mental worry that's the problem.

    I find it harder, but for short journeys it's no problem. I'm not used to cycling either though


    How old is the child. Over 3 or 4 and I'd go with a Leco chair. Much easier to use.

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    He's 2 almost 3, my husbands really worried though, not been on a bike since he was 10 apart from testing mine around the street a couple of months ago when he was repairing it X) i think he is scared that he is going to topple over, i don't think i could ride a bike with a child on the back i'd be petrified, i'll be leaving it to him anyway but thanks for your help x

    Maybe he should practise riding by himself for a while an then?


    Stick to paths and take it steady.


    seriously dont do it,dont know were you are from,but up here you are just about safe in a car surrounded in metal,i have seen those bikes with toddlers on the back and shudder!
    btw this is from a guy who also rides motorcycles but at least with them you have the power to get out of the way of the clowns on the road today!

    I thought about this a few years ago, but I knew I wouldnt be able to.. the worry wouldve been too much! I was going to buy a trailer in the end, that wouldve made me happier, but theres no way of getting to the park (I only wanted to use it on parks, mainly the one nr me) without going on the road and I just wasn't prepared to do that. Ive seen the seats used and tbh they frighten the lift out of me, Im reluctant to go on the roads here on my own, let alone battle out the lanes with the buses and tipper trucks with a toddler on board.
    Either way, he needs to practice a bit on his own by the sounds of it!


    If you husband isn't confidant on a bike do not venture onto the roads with a kid....if you have a vehicle that can accommodate your bikes then find your local cycle trails and enjoy a family ride out on them and you will be fine.

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    yeah were not planning on doing roads, cause we will have my 6 year old boy on his bike with us also, we were going to take the bikes to the park and to the lakes and have nice rides theres no way i would let my 6 year old ride anywhere near a road, im scared enpough of letting him ride around our cul-de-sac and theres hardly ever cars driving round here


    Stick a rucksack weighted with rocks in the child seat as a practice run maybe?

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    Stick a rucksack weighted with rocks in the child seat as a practice run … Stick a rucksack weighted with rocks in the child seat as a practice run maybe?

    thats a really good idea, will do that, thanks x

    I take my daughter out on the back of my bike, shes 5 now and loves it. Like someone else said the hardest part is getting them strapped in the seat and getting them out. Other than that ive had no probs at all with my daughter, my son used to sway side to side and it used to rattle a little but it was fine for me to deal with. I always go on the paths when ihad my kids with me, i dont trust the loonies in cars out there when it comes to having my kids with me...

    Getting moving is the hardest bit. We have a couple of cycle paths near us which are disused railway lines that have been tarmaced over and they are so flat and great with a child on the back of the bike as there's no sharp bends
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