CHILD TAX CREDIT - Money owed from 2002/2003 - has anyone claimed?

Was doing a search on Ask, and this came up…5CQ

was wondering if it was true and if anyone else has claimed and got the money?

don't relly trust filling the forms out with all my personal details about child tax credit
especialy with what happened a few months ago with the disks going missing
so wanted to make sure this is a true company and not a scam



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They seem to make a charge for helping you to claim back the money. I wonder if it can be done direct with tax credits?

looks fishy to me


I made a very serious error in using an online company to "assist" with endowment mis-selling. All they did was pass over paperwork with details I had to provide for the claim (and was the same if I went direct.)

They are nothing more than leeches. It cost me £1600. Never again.

We sent in all our pay slips etc. a couple of years ago and received a £1,000 rebate for the year. It is done on the previous year payslips for the current tax year entitlement. As long as you have the payslips, children details etc. do it yourself, dont pay someone else to do it.

I work on the tax credit helpline(don't hate me!) and they have told us that there was a scam where people were being charged by a company to make claims for previous years, sounds like this is it.


After cancelling my claim with that agency i was on about in the post … After cancelling my claim with that agency i was on about in the post before i have now had notification from my tax office that our cheque of £597 has been sent to them. We never had any acknowledgement of the forms and now they have our money. What can i do??????

is the cheque made out to you? they cannot bank it if it is? can you ask tax credits if it can be stopped?

No the cheque has been made out to them as our nominated agency so they have the money. It is a scam and they assured me that they had destroyed the papers.…lXA

I have rang HMRC who say their systems are down and the free phone number on here no one ever answers. I thought this company was something to do with Tax Cedits. What can i do. I have rang trading standards and got a complaint number and they have told me to send a letter recorded delivery to state that this was cancelled and that i want all the money paying back to me of £597. I cannot believe that HMRC sent it to them without first informing us. Its my fault for sending them these forms back, granted, but i rang them and they actually said they had destroyed them there and then.

Just had a phone call from this company stating that it was their mistake and that they would send me a cheque for my full amount. He said it was him i spoke to and cancelled and that they would send it 1st Class to me. This was after mentioning that i had been in touch with Trading Standards and also i had asked for their claims management ref number too. I know they are not registered with the Ministry of Justice and it is a regulated activity too. They are breaching the Compensation Act 2006 and Regulation Act 2006 too.

I still feel paranoid that they have ripped me off as they rang me back to check that i had not cancelled the cheque with HMRC and i told them not yet as the tax office was closed but i had telephoned. They could in fact cash the cheque and then not pay me. I am stuck in a no win situation here. I just hope they know i mean business if they do not pay up.:x

I swear i will take them to the cleaners and they will never trade again. That may be the case already as I have now reported them to the Ministry of Justice as not regulated.
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