Child tax credits during the Summer Holidays before University

Found 9th Jun 2017
My 19 year-old son will be finishing his college course shortly. He is planning to go on to University in September. I am currently getting child tax credits for him, however, can somebody please tell me what happens during the Summer holiday - will they continue to be paid up until 31st August and then automatically stop (as he will be moving on to advanced education)? I did speak to somebody at the child tax office but they thought they might stop when he leaves college. Also, what happens to the child benefit payments for him? Thank you.
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Once he leaves college and takes the step up to university you won't receive any kind of child benefit / tax credits for him. I think cut off is 31st august.

Edit: also I'm not aware of your circumstances but if you are currently claiming housing benefit students do not receive it so you would need to find the difference yourself.
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From website about Child Benefit payments (sure same rules apply to CTC)
When approved education or training ends

When your child leaves approved education or training payments will stop at the end of February, 31 May, 31 August or 30 November (whichever comes first).
Ok, so do I just leave things the way that they are going - still getting paid weekly for him and they will then automatically stop on the 31st August or do I have to tell them that he is now going to University - I did originally give the tax credit office the date that his college course was going to finish in July, but since then, I have not told them that he is now going to University. I was just unsure if they were automatically going to stop the payments in July.

You need to inform tax credits and child benefit now that he's leaving non advanced education to go to uni. Both payments will stop on monday 31 August 2017. Hope that helps!
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Thank you for your comments - yes, I have found this out now.

You also need to tell housing benefits, also if you come under SSSC (Bedroom tax)/LHA you may want to list the then non dep as still resident so you still get an extra bedroom as that is still their main residence (Where their post and most their clothes are and presumably they will still return home in the holidays). if you are struggling to pay your rent remember you can always try claiming a dhp.
Thank you for the advice. The bedroom tax won't affect me at the moment as my son shares a small room with his brother.
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