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Found 19th Jun 2007
I have just had my first child, and have received a Child Trust Fund voucher. Any recommendations for the best fund to open?

Some give incentives when you open the CTF - which are the best?
Any tips for great interest rates?

Thanks in advance
MelissaB & BabyB :thumbsup:

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As the fund will be over 18 years it is worth placing the funds in medium risk account, i.e one that tracks the stock market. It is longterm so any short term fluctuations should be ironed out over the time.

We have two Abbey Stakeholder CTFs up and running. I am a bit worried though, the child takes control at 16, who knows what your teenager will do with the money. May be better to set up a seperate account that doesn't give them control until older?


I looked into these when setting up mine for my children,

I decided against the stakeholder accounts - as I wanted my child to receive at least the same amount which I had paid. I didnt trust the shareholder accounts - so opted for a none stakeholder account and opened my 2 with the yorkshire building society....

It all depends if you wish to pay money into these accounts - as to which one is better for you.


Hi and congratulations, we have also had two Abbey stakeholder ctf set up, and both have returned circa 10% a year - so has been pretty productive.

All we pay into it are the cheques that we receive for birthdays and christmas.

We are also going to set up a separate account that we can control until they are a bit older and more capable of managing their own money!!


Here is a chart of the FTSE 100 over the last 20 years. This includes the Dot com crash. Over a long period stakeholders will get better returns imo.

Just what I was looking for too. Expecting my first in september. thanks for the info and links.

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Thanks everyone for your help ... rep given to those who have helped out !

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