Child Trust Fund moan!!!

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Found 29th Dec 2009
I have just had my yearly statement from my 4 year old son's CTF account. The original amount that I was given was £264. The fund is now worth £187.93!!! and they are inviting me to invest up to £1200 a year in it!!!
I know they have their risks but I put it in a low risk account with the co op, thinking mainly about their ethical approach.
Just glad it isn't my money!!!!!
Is it just the co op or have others got the same issue

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they are all based on shares so they will all be loosing a lot at the mo, hopefully this will balance out over the years.

We don't add to ours because we didn't want the money to automatically goto the little monster when shes 18 - we'd prefer her not to know how much is in there until she really needs it.

I was useless with money until I was about 24 - if someone had given me a few grand at 18 I would have just blown it on a few holidays\drinking sessions!


mine is with the natwest and has also gone down this year ! x

have u tried an icelandic bank?



have u tried an icelandic bank?

i hear woolworths do a good saving scheme now too

These are meant to be held long term.
I don't think that there is any doubt that when the child is 18 they will be worth a lot more than the initial starting value.
And hey, it's free anyway isn't it.
Wish I was given some money to invest for my two. :thumbsup:

P.S. Now is probably the best time to top this up as everything is so low.

P.P.S. Always take expert / independant financial advice when investing. :thumbsup:

my daughters is with nationwide and she has about £160 left in hers!

don't put anything in my kids trust funds, or accounts. I put it all towards my debts (mortgage) and keep an account of what is theirs.

I figure I will have more money when they are older , and want the money, and i am back at work. there is no point suffering now, when there is money to be used.

i will give them there interest, of course.

my two sons ones have gone down aswell, my other son missed it as he was born in july and the scheme started from the september, so i am going to do a post office account for him to compensate x x

guys, this is bad news.
My sis and her husband have no idea about savings etc so they have passed the joyful task of finding the best savings account for my nephew.

Can anyone advise what the best place is to go with ?
And should I be going for shares or cash savings ?
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