Child Trust Fund Vouchers?

    How did you invest your child trust fund vouchers?

    A CTF savings account, a CTF shares/fund account or a CTF stakeholder account?

    I have no idea!!!


    dont know what my daughters is in but its with childrens mutual she got £250 and my son only got £50, not even bothered putting his anywhere as i have a halifax account i put £10 a week for each of them.

    if you really want you can do it via quidco and get £35 cashback…nd/

    My son got the £250 and to be honest it all baffled me, he's 7 now and was one of the first ones as my eldest is just 18 months older and didn't get anything. I put it in the Abbey and I don't think it's done much at all in those years, but I wanted to put it somewhere I felt was secure and easily accessable.

    avoid Scottish Friendly at all costs, transferred mine to Britannia because they are a bunch of greedy muppets.

    I put my little boys £250 into a Nationwide savings acount - not stakeholder just normal account. My dad pays into it every month so it's not just sitting there.
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