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Found 24th Nov 2009
Hi Guys & Gals,

My 1st request so please be gentle!

My partner and I are looking for a labour preparation DVD which will help us through the upcoming weeks. If anyone has any information that could help us please let me know. From what I have searched so far a lot of the media is reviewed as out of date, so something that is current would really help.

If you have other suggestions also that would be most helpful.

Thank You

(Sorry if this is in the wrong section)

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Have you tried the NCT? They are very good at things like this.


Have you tried the NCT? They are very good at things like this.

+1. Also i attended parent craft classes with my OH was 10 week course that you can start anytime as they just keep going thru the 10 different things

We went to the antenatal classesa and they were so much better than the local NHS ones. Gave me a lot of knowlege to make informed choices.

OP if you been to classes what kinda info are you after?
BTW if your partber really wants music either phone and check with unit or take ytour own player. I did some loevly mix cds and no-one asked if we had music and OH didnt say and i was in too much pain to care . But i do think music of my chocie woulda helped me

You should join in this thread, Mums and Dads to be welcome. There's a wealth of information of there and always someone to give advice or just chat to:


Original Poster

Thanks for the info people, I'll take a look in that thread, will probably find the info I need there.

Thanks again everyone.

i am hoping that what i type does not sound rude as i mean it in a really nice way, but dont freak yourself out by going to look at the labour suite etc as we all now that you have to give birth and trust me when in labour you can give birth anywhere and you wouldnt care, also people are forth coming to tell you horror stories about their birthing experience, and not enough people say what a fantastic pleasurable experience it is, as for a birthing plan well they nearly always go out the window as when in labour your only concern is your baby out safe and healthy and what ever procedure is needed well you will do it. enjoy being pregnant and look forward to the most fabulous experience in the world soon x

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Thanks Keli, much appreciated.

I found that going to see the labour ward was really calming, as at least you had an idea of what the place was going to be like that you're about to give birth in. I agree that listening to horror stories from other people who have given birth is not helpful or productive in anyway, everyones experience is different and thinking positive about your own baby being born is far more helpful to you. Birthing videos that show babies being born will probably just freak you out! I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful experience giving birth to my first child, and i'm expecting my 2nd in Feb 2010 and i'm feeling positive about that birth too.

Good luck, and I hope you have a great experience... it's true what people say about forgetting about any pain the minute they hand you that beautiful little baby...
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