children in need concert - missed it!


    did not notice it was on and have missed it, does anyone know if its being repeated. cant watch online as sound does not work on PC!



    BBC1 7:00pm Fri 20 Nov:whistling:

    if i were you i would get your sound fixed. i watched it and it was the best variety of stars together i have ever watched. they were all brill and the sound was awsome. it should be on bbc iplayer soon but im not sure, anyway it was a fantastic 2hour set.


    BBC1 7:00pm Fri 20 Nov:whistling:

    Wrong !! :roll:

    Tonight's Concert is actually repeated on BBC3 at 9:20pm on Sat 21st (this weekend)... :thumbsup:

    BBC3 :
    Sky 115
    Virgin 106
    Freesat 106
    Freeview 7

    can probably access via interactive as well was really good even cheryl cole singing with snow patrol I was dreading it but she wasn't as bad as I thought lol

    Original Poster

    thankyou very much. have put on planner to record on saturday at 9.20.

    cant believe that its not on anytime TV.

    thanks again!
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