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Found 31st Aug 2017
I am looking at setting up savings accounts for my 2 children. I have seen GoHenry & Nimbl but they look a bit gimmicky.

Any suggestions for accounts where they get a debit card but I can monitor what they are doing via an app?

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I got my daughter a Barclays current account. She has a bank card which she can use for online spending and instore etc. We have an agreement she won't buy anything online without asking me. She has the Barclays banking app on her phone and can manage alsorts on there. If you put it on your phone I guess you could watch everything she's spending. Although my daughter almost 15 so I don't check on her. If she has no money, she has none
she didn't get any bonuses with that.
and I've just realised you said a savings account, just ignore everything I said lol
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My daughter (14) has a Santander mini account. I have it set for alerts when she goes below an amount.If you want it as a savings account why get a debit just get a Junior I.S.A
My two have Halifax Childrens ISA accounts
Sorry mis read you wanted debit card not savings account lol so ISA is no good
Sorry, just a child's equivalent of a current account is what I am after so I can put money in via bank transfer every month and they can buy their own things.

Will look at Barclays to see what they offer. Wonder if they still get a free piggy bank like I did many moons ago :-)
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