childrens bedroom furniture

    whats the best place online to buy good quality at a good price


    I will only buy chest of drawers from Ikea now as they as so good, metal runners the bottoms of the drawers don't fall out, ours and both the kids have different sets from there. I had a set from argos once the unit didn't even hold the drawers in they would fall down!

    I'll second that. Ikea are cheap AND mostly excellent quality. You can order online and get shafted for P&P, or go to the store, pick up and pay for what you like, and have it delivered for a fiver (at Cov anyway!) - or (gasp) just take it home with you. I saw some solid wood bedroom stuff really cheap!

    i third that! got my daughters beds and drawers from ikea and the drawers are very deep and spacious and as above metal runners. good quality wood easy to assemble and my daughters drew on them and they wiped clean! very good prices too!

    Get someone to make it for you then it's one of a kind.


    Get someone to make it for you then it's one of a kind.

    Most of my flat pack stuff turns out to be one of a kind, if I get hubby to build it anyway.

    one sons bed is from argos and the other ikea. the ikea bed is alot highly quality than the argos one. drawers on metal runners etc. they are cabin bed type.x

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    thanks everyone :-)
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