Childrens Clothing Starting at £1.00 @ TK Maxx

    Excellent Clothing, managed to get a few designers for my daughter at £1.00.

    Levis, Ck etc

    at clearance racks.


    Three posts all as vague as this counts as spam in my book I'm afraid...

    It's like saying Asda do food from 10p. Useless info.

    These are not vague I have seen these prices as well. You need to check your book again ricaird

    welcome to misc


    Moved to MISC, as it's not a specific deal for an item, instead it's more of a tip, thanks.

    Its posts like this that arm the consumers with great info tips on shopping so they know where they're are bargains to be had.

    Its a good post. Just posted in the wrong section. Belongs in misc. All somebody had to do was ask for it to be moved. didnt need slating.


    PS : OP repped for the good tip.

    Admittedly, since I don't really bother much with the misc forum, it didn't spring to mind, but it was hardly a slating! It was (in the deals forum) spam as far as I'm concerned - no actual deals - fair comments,
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