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    Hi all! my 10 year old son has asked for a proper electric toothbrush for xmas (them battery power ranger ones are to young for him now...his words lol)

    does anyone know of any older kids design ones for some reason they all seem aimed at 2-7 year olds sadly and my uncle has offered to get him one for xmas as long as its no more than 20ish quid!

    are the Braun £14.99 sonicare ones suitable for him? tried looking it up but all i seemed to get was prices instead of advice!


    my son is 9 and he uses the oralB electric toothbrush same one we use, the dentist said its best one for his age as long as all his milk teeth had gone as it gets right in between the teeth

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    Hiya, thanks for confirming for me! will get him to pick up one for xmas..,.not glam i know but he asked for it so he is gonna have to like it lol

    I think amazon were doing deals on oral b

    edit they are, e.g. Oral b
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    I saw some oral b ones in home bargains £3.99 Have a look in there.

    i know this is going to sound daft but be careful what toothpaste you use with it, Colgate minty gel gets stuck around the metal post and turns it black quickly but i found this the mildest for my son to use, just give is a swill and wipe off the water and it'll last for years, our last one lasted 10 years

    My brother just bought a spiderman electric toothbrush that counts how long he's been brushing his teeth & plays music, he's 19.

    Another friend of mine(teenage girl) has a hotwheel tooth brush that makes VROOM! noises when she brushes.

    I don't think he's too old for a 'kiddy' tooth brush :P

    @vinyland trinkets - ... A tooth brush for 10 years? That's kind of gross & dangerous for your kids health when they get sick..
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