Childrens free audiance tickets

Posted 14th Jun 2011
Does anyone know where I can get hold of free audience tickets for childrens shows
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Applause Store: Another site to check for free TV and radio recordings is All tickets are free but you do need to register to book tickets.

Chortle: And here's another useful site for getting those free TV studio recording tickets:

TV Recordings: offer free online tickets to some of the best entertainment TV show recordings in London. To get a ticket is a very simple process: register, choose a show, print an e-ticket, then go to the show! What could be easier!

Lost in TV: Lost in TV has some big name shows, especially for ITV.

SRO Audiences: SRO Audiences have tickets for shows such as 'The Graham Norton Show' and 'Mock The Week'.

Clappers: Clappers is an independent TV audience company so the shows they have on offer vary regularly.

Be On Screen: Be On Screen is another company that has audience tickets but you can also find out how to take part in TV shows too.
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