Childrens play kitchen

    hi, i'm planning ahead to Xmas and want to get my daughter a play kitchen.

    Can anyone recommend one where i can pick it up quite cheaply or any to avoid?
    Want to spend a max of £70-£80


    5 Comments…477 This company is fantastic. They also have a shop which apparently have even better bargains.
    If you don't like what they have at the moment keep an eye on the site as it changes all the time, or try phoning to see what they have. The damaged box stuff is great. I had a £100 toy little tikes kitchen for £40 with a slight scuff on a corner of a door. I was missing a spoon but they sent that to me free of charge. Cannot recommend them enough!!!

    Thats it's start em young, get her the toy vac and ironing set, then she will be able to do everything for you when your old!

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    Thanks Wookiemummy, i'll have a look at the website

    Oh i plan to train her young - she already has a dyson and loves the polishing, lol

    I wouldn't even bother with a cheap kitchen, unless it's cheap because it's second hand. Little tikes are great and so sturdy. I bought my recent one for DD 1st birthday and it is still immaculate 12 months on after lots of playing. I will certainly last for a good few more years. Also the bits are generally a little larger and ideal for younger children, although still attractive for older ones. My 4 1/2 year old loves it just as much as his sister.

    The ELC one is fab-we got it two Christmases ago-and its in great condition still. Sturdy and you can drop the 'table' on one side to take up less space. They give you a free set of stuff with it - and we got other family members to buy bits like the kettle & food etc to go with it as their pressies.

    If you wait til nearer Christmas you might get it on the 3for2 offer in Boots (they sell it online) and get something else and something free if you are after another gift.
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