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    My daughter is soon to be 12. I want to open for her a savings account that she can pretty much manage by herself ( with a little help from me when she needs it ). I'll be financing it with regular deposits each month. Does anyone know of any good rates or deals for savings accounts for this age group? We are based in E. London, so anything with a branch in Barking/ Ilford/ Romford that she can access or preferably manage it online.

    P.S. Not halifax.

    Thank you for your help x x


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    thanks.. I been looking through those most of the afternoon... wondered if someone had a personal opinion as to which was best, a good experience, etc.

    we tried to open an account for her in halifax... was a nightmare. Never again!

    I opened an account for my daughter,in her name, tax free but I still had main control over withdrawls, she was given a link card and I could set a maximum monthly withdrawl limit.This amount could be easily adjusted for something special as a one off occasion and altered as and when but only by me.(wow the power!) Cant recall the account name but it was with the Yorkshire Building Society and at the time was offering a very competitive rate of interest.Have always found them brilliant to deal with.
    Hope that helps.

    My kids have a save 4 it account at Halifax its poor but at moment they doing a regular saver think its 6 or 8% interest fixed for a yr,I'm going sort it for them this week,maximum can be banked is £100 a mth,I'm going fund it by taking it from their Save 4 It accounts.

    Just seen you don't want Halifax.

    Dunno why you dont want Halifax but they are the best rates at the moment.

    Just looked ap the account on YBS website, ccount is called 'Freedom account' and is for children from age 12.
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